Customer Logging and Contact Tracing

built for COVID-19 regulations

YourWayIn allows business owners to log customer entry for the purpose of reconnecting at a later date.

Customers sign into the business quickly using a QR Code or URL, for access to the premises and online site (menu, blog, information about your business).


Meet and Exceed government regulations.

Our secure server removes the need for storing insecure paper records of your customers. We store your records FOREVER, not just 30 days. We also stay up to date on the data collection required by the government, so you don't have to!.


Quick & Easy to use customer logging

Concentrate on what you're good at, your business! In 15 seconds or less, your customer can sign into your location. Once they sign in, they can come back any time and sign in again!


Please wait sign in to be seated

Using technology has never been easier. Both Android and iPhone have built in QR Code readers that allow your customers to sign into your venue. No need to download an app and can be finished in seconds.


Do MORE than just customer tracking

Do you have multiple locations or are a franchise? Contact us for multiple location discounts.

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